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Jag längtar skogarna/Skarpnäck Project

Time for my painted forest to move to Skarpnäck! The opening night is on Wednesday, October 27th at 16.30-19.00, at Skarpnäcks Kulturhus, Skarpnäcks Alle 25

The exhibition goes on until December 11th. I will be there - painting - on Saturdays 11.00-15.00 and Thursday Nov 4th 13-00-17.00 (Except for Sat Nov 6th , when the exhibition is closed). Otherwise the opening hours are:

Mondays:  11–19
Tues: 11–17
Wed: 10–19
Thur: 10–17
Fri: closed
Sat: 10–15
Sun: closed


If you want to visit the exhibition and meet me outside the Saturdays, make sure to send me an e-mail at
to book a slot!

Skarpnäck Project


The exhibition includes works from my experimental artistic residency at Skarpnäcks Kulturhus. My exhibition was scheduled to open on Saturday, February 27th 2021, but was postponed for a few months. Instead I used the original six week slot to paint at the venue, changing the focus of the show to something very location specific. 

The progress was visible at

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