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Maura Tavares


phone +46 708 13 6898

Send me an e-mail for prices, commissions or shows, or to book a visit at my studio in Stockholm.


I also do live painting sessions at events or companies.  

My artistic background

I have always painted and early on in life received a broad training in various artistic fields such as sculpture, book binding, woodwork, textile techniques and forging of various metals.


Since my training at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy I have painted off and on, using many different techniques. I have, however, not had painting as part of my profession until 2016, when I had reached a point where I wanted to take my realistic painting further. I have gradually established myself as a painter focusing on traditional drawing and oil painting. 

My passion lies in painting people - interpreting the world around me through my paintings. Most of my compositions involve people, though I also very much enjoy landscapes and still lives.

Rendering people working with what they love, or surrounded by object that have meaning in their lives, is something that inspires me a lot. It is timeless, but it also mirrors the time we are living in right now. I work a lot with portrait commissions of various kinds, and a new technique that I have developed recently is live painting sessions where I depict people at events or at their workplaces or in their homes.

Along side with my painting I teach literature, writing and theatre at Kristofferskolan in Stockholm.



Past shows:

March 2022 - Trädutställning, Hjorthagens Kulturhus

November-December 2021 - “Jag längtar skogarna”, Skarpnäcks Kulturhus

November 2021 - Fyra nyanser av realism, Studio ABC

September-October 2021 - “Jag längtar skogarna”, Kulturhuset i Ytterjärna

October 2021 - Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

November-December 2020 - “Forest Yearning” Radiohusen, Hässelby

December 2019 - Hotel Reimersholme

October 2019 - Affordable Art Fair Stockholm

June 2019 - Carousel, Gustaf Adolfs torg

May-September 2018 - Carousel, Gustaf Adolfs torg

March 2017 - Munkbron 5, Gamla Stan



Artistic training: 

Kristofferskolan                1990-1993

Florence Academy of Art 1999-2000



Workshops and studies with Paula Rubino, Odd Nerdrum och The Swedish Academy of Realist Art

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