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Jag längtar skogarna

Forest Yearning

The private spaces we need in our troubled times can increasingly often be found outdoors. And the urge to find that same peaceful quality in our home is strong. In my ongoing art project Jag längtar skogarna/Forest yearning I am exploring how we can build the forests anew, through art. We can find our own private sanctuaries even in small spaces, searching for what is essential for our well-being. Such as the forest. The trees, our lungs, our guardians - now endangered in so many ways. 


Through my paintings I want to work with the boundaries between fact and fiction, to see whether art not only can find strength in nature, but also give strength to nature, through raising awareness in a way that is also soothing and beautiful. Portraits of trees, portraits of people in forests. Portraits of yearning, and of finding peace.